Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Wire Season 5: "The Wire... Back On Tap"

By Ronaldo Horacio Mexico, Dissociated Press Staff Writer NEW YORK - After over three entire calendar years, the star whose namesake is the series title has finally returned to the program. After being written out of the plot, The Wire returns with a slight twist. "I'm kinda dirty now," Wire told Ron Mexico City this morning. "I like the direction my character has taken. I didn't want to come back if it was going to be the same old bullshit, you know?" It's not the way we're used to seeing it. There's no Freamon and Prezbo screening the "pertinents" and "non-pertinents." There's no Sydnor on the roof with a camera or buying 20 rocks. This time the shit's for keeps. "When Wood [Harris] came back to the show before I did, I was a little hurt. But I realize now it's for the best." Wire also revealed to RMC that his favorite character is Omar, but kept hush about the scar-faced jizzguzzler's fate. ----------------- I'm not sure if the opening sequence was drenched with Marlo Stanfield's bad acting or Jaime Hector's. It is strange to see Marlo convey any emotion, let alone happiness. I'm just not sure if it was intentional for Marlo to look insincere, or if Mr. Hector just didn't nail it down. I don't think we'll ever know. Jimmy's still working the paperboys like end-of-the-bar hoes at 3:15. In the process he caught Templeton trying to shit a shitter. Temp's fake call gave McNulty just enough to bring back the crowd-favorite, Wire. After having putting Levy in his Fave 5 knowing for damn well that Herc lost his job over the infamous camera, how could Marlo not have the foresight to think that Herc would try to fuck with him somehow? "That's the cell phone number of the motherfucker that put 22 bodies on us!" - Freamon The shit is so tasty, Cool Lester Smooth had a Sam Jackson moment. Mmm-mmmmmm, bitch! I apologize about my calling the State's Attorney "Bell" when his name is "Bond," and that nigga's looking pretty damn mayoral. Clay Davis is not going down without a play. Luckily for him, Jimmy is knocking him off the front page. Norrice had to put Mr. Sheeeeeit in his place with all of that kicking and screaming nonsense he was talking. Gangsters don't roll. They work on a new play. Usually at the Beacon Theater with Stephanie Mills. "The fuck is this I hear about you might not stand tall on this?" - Clarence Royce They had to box him in, but it looks like he's on board to stand tall. That's not to say, of course, he's still not going to go down swinging. Glad to see Bubbles back and still on the path. Too bad he still hasn't gotten over his AIDS guilt. As his mentor tells him, "Shame ain't worth as much as you think." Speaking of shame, I'm a little ashamed at the behavior of a fan-favorite. Omar walked right into Marlo's rat trap to take the cheese. He lost his Jim Brown-ass homeboy and everything. Was he blinded by revenge? How did he not assume that setup was a trap? If he didn't... How the fuck did he think just 2 dudes was gonna get the job done? How does Omar survive a 5-story fall? Does he survive a 5-story fall? Did he even fall? So many fucking questions. Tune in next time on "The Adventures of Lil' Omar!"


Nola fuckin Darling! said...

It fucked me up seeing that Chris had a family. What kind of shit was that?

Mexico - you know McNulty had that latina journalist sized up for a skeet and beat right? All until he saw Templeton.

Get on demand papi. I seent the next episode. It's a doozy. And we are temporarily reunited with an old friend... who aint the same no mo.

c b w said...

I would like to believe that the show didn't get all soap opera-ish on a nigga. Omar jumping out of the window on some Batman shit. I would like to think that the way he scopes out his potential victims and their surroundings leaves him very knowledgeable about what he's getting into (no pun intended).

Ron Mexico said...

chris partlow has a fucking FAMILY!

like... kids and a wife. and they look pretty fuckin normal.

"where you goin, daddy?"

"gotta bolt a few niggas into some abandoned buildings... be back in a couple days, junior!"

and yes... i have on demand and have skimmed all the way through episode 7. i just gotta write like i ain't seen what happens, you dig?

talk about soap opera, cbw... they already went there when mike was showing duke how to shoot. his little monologue while hitting every bottle?

"can't be no doubt." POW

that shit looked like jesse's son on all my children getting a real nigga wake-up call.

c b w said...

Wow!!! You just dropped a All My Children reference about the greatest negro love story in daytime t.v. history. I didn't see that one coming like Bobby from the Sopranos.

I have nothing but mutual respect.

Ching DIVA said...

I wanted to know how Omar was just gonna Batman out the window. WTF was that about? Straight disappears. That shit does not happen in real life.