Monday, February 4, 2008

I Guess Plaxico Was Wrong

...not by much, though. I just can't believe they had this commercial ready to go for last night. Hakuna Matata, bitches. We got a lot to discuss this week.


Anza Borrego Spirit said...

¡Felicidades, SeƱor Mexico! Of course, that HAD to be the night my man's flight got delayed -- I missed the whole dang Superbowl.

Still, I was LOVING the post game show and the misery of the Patriots. Schadenfreude to the max.

Congrats to you and NY's finest -- the NY Giants! I'm so happy they wiped the smug ass faces off of Brady, Seau, and Belichick -- who may be the biggest douche in the NFL, if not the universe.

Eli Manning still bugs the shit out of me, though. Sorry.

- E

Athena said...

i thought the same thing about that commercial...but damn if i don't love it!!