Friday, December 14, 2007

Soulja Boy TellEm: I Got A New Dance For Y'all Called "The Sweet 'N Low!"

I'm just saying. This is a rainbow district mating ritual. "Sssssh!-- ...and the African-American Salad Bird spreads its MiAKA feathers to attract a mate." Oooh. I must be gettin mad. He got him some bathing apes. Is this guy the A-rab he says he's going to "pass it to" on one of his previous classics? This shit is like a Mad TV sketch of itself. I am truly amazed by this divine caricature. I feel like I'm watching a car wreck. Not because I am watching a gay man perform, mind you. I love me some homos. No homo. I'm just saying that I am watching a closet case unable to hold it back, and that has to be some painful shit. BET Afterschool Special material. No, they don't exist. But if The Negro Channel wants to talk paper, I'll write some up. I'll start with "Real Talk: The Souljaboy Tellem Story." Damn, homie. And I was just about to discuss Bow Wow and Omarion's prison honeymoon, "Face Off" and the forthcoming BET reality series. Shit. I probably will anyway.

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