Thursday, June 12, 2008 | Negro Please: Yung Berg's Backward Boxers

“You could fuck up a man’s happy home. It might be one of them dudes you talk about in the book that wears his boxers on backwards every damn day, getting hit in the ass, but he probably still got a wife and kids and you might fuck up his life.” -Yung Berg, If you go to Big Green, you’ve more than likely seen this video plastered in the background of whatever you were actually there to ingest. Terrence “Superhead” Dean’s new tell-all “Hiding in Hip-Hop…” has obviously ruffled some feathers in our beloved, hallowed rap game. In a rapper fried rice panel discussion Nelly, David Banner, Chingy and our winner, Yung Berg all give their thoughts on the book and its potential repercussion. (Continue reading " Negro Please: Yung Berg's Backward Boxers")

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Anonymous said...

Yeah Yung Bergs in a huff because people in Chicago knows he gets down with the fellas.....that cute little dude you hooked up with on your last video shoot didn't tell anybody but me Young Berg! lol