Wednesday, June 11, 2008 | Negro Please: Kimora's Spoiled Milk

“When you get married, you’re forced to drink the milk long after it’s spoiled.”Kimora Lee [Simmons?], GIANT Magazine Hmmmm. I guess if you ask Russell to buy a gallon of rare and priceless African gorilla milk, you’d best be drinkin that shit before the expiration date.
So… Kimora’s calling Russell the spoiled milk? While he admittedly looks like some shit that just hatched a few minutes ago, there’s no excuse for that level of disrespect. Not only did this man put you on his meal plan like a mmmmmotherfucker, homie was already beginning to curdle when you started sippin.


c b w said...

Let's face it, Russy was on his Captain Save-a-Hoe when he scooped up Kimora. You can tell she wasn't down for him. She only had those kids to solidify her financial future. And let's keep it funky, did Russy hit it or slow roast syringe it in her?

All she should get is a Kangol, some laceless Shelltoes, and LL's boombox from Krush Groove.

She not love him longtime.

Lowedwn said...

Im co-signin CBW. And how she gonna oopen her nouth and say that shit when she got so many flaps of turkey neck poppin, sheeeeit should could feed the Simmons family reunion and leave niggaz with a plate to take home.

KjB said...

I feel for Russ gettin caught up with another goldiggin model type. I'm defintely co-co-signing. Baby Phat is just another way for her to hang off his sweatsuit drawstrings.