Sunday, March 30, 2008

AT&T Basketball Coon Commercial

Just shooting baskets for the whiteys... I mean "townies." Damn, Chuck. Ain't this about some fake-ass Dave Chappelle shit? Now all we need is for the black pixie to come bring him a tray of chicken wings. I can see the ad exec at AT&T gettin shut down right now: "Umm, Mr. Chappelle. We want you for a national commercial spot. *pause* Yeah. Real simple. You're gonna shoot some baskets and make those wacky Chappelle noises in a bar full of normal bar patrons. You know. Regular people... *long pause* Oh, no? Okay then. Zippety doo-dah. Bye-bye." ...and Oprah didn't understand a nigga's perspective. Come on, Chuck. Wiggle it like Tyrone Biggums!

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