Monday, December 17, 2007

**Newsflash** New York Chooses Tailor Made!

Like, FORREALS! [much] more to come...


Penney said...

I'm happy because I am so apathetic to this outcome/choice.
Does Tailor Made have any fans out there? I haven't bothered to look.
Would I watch a ILNY3 or a "Tiffany "hearts" Tailor"? Probably, but I'd have about as much respect for myself in the morning as Taylor seems to have for himself = not much.

P.S. Let 'em have it, Ron!

Sahara said...

Not to overstate the obvious but.....THIS SHIT IS SO FAKE! But in a way Im glad they gave it to Tailor. It was getting pretty disgusting to see that big fine-ass michael-clark-duncan whore himself for VH1 and pretending to like NY. Tailor Made and NY deserve to be together in their tacky fake/reality tv land.