Monday, August 27, 2007

Michael Vick... Gone to the Dogs!

I thought it only appropriate on the day of his plea hearing to share my thoughts on the man and the situation he's found himself in. First and absolutely foremost, I believe dogfighting is a cruel, inhumane and ignorant form of "sport." However, for the first time in my life I agree with Stephon "12 dimes and 3 assists" Marbury. While he didn't initially express it the way he meant to, he alludes to the cultural phenomenon that finds dogfighting (punishable by 5 years in the cotton field) far more criminal than shooting Mama Moose in the uterus only to step over her and laugh. Michael Vick should probably have been sent to prison a long fucking time ago. Aside from being a general fuckhead and a shitty quarterback (a crime punishable by death on Sunday afternoons) he knowingly gave hoes herpes. Lock his nasty ass up right thurr. However, one of my good (white) friends said the strangest thing to me the other night while having a couple of beers.
White Friend: You know, Ron... I've always come to understand dogfighting as a... well... I don't wanna say ghetto thing... Ron Mexico: No? Then say what you mean. WF: Well... You know, like the DMX video with the angry dogs... and how black guys walk around Harlem with the pitbulls. You know? RM: (not looking up from my beer) Mmm-hmmm. WF: Maybe you know better, but for Joe-Schmoe whitey from the suburbs, we think of "the hood" when we hear about dogfighting. RM: You watch too much TV news and don't know enough negroes. You also must not know any trailer trash either. They fight dogs for fun too. WF: Right.-- RM: And chickens and crank pipes and whatever else they can get their hands on to entertain themselves.
I began to wonder about the public perception of dogfighting and the crucifixion Mexico 1.0 is going through. So... Peyton Manning and his retarded brother can use a dog to chomp a fox on the leg so they can shoot him in the ass and we (Amercians en masse) applaud. Vick and his homeboys fight dogs, and they're facing cocaine numbers. They're likely looking at 1-to-3s all around. If you can't see what I'm doing at home right now, I'm reaching into my black pocket for my race card... just to make sure it's still there. I would love to see a uniform standard applied to the cruelty of all animals. If we as a nation are to stress "respect for life" as an integral part of our moral fiber, then we need to collectively Dick-slap Vice President Cheney when he shoots a little ass bird (or one of his homies) with a fucking elephant gun. We need to have a talk with all these rich, country club motherfuckers with taxidermy of animals they had no intention of eating. We need to stop watching Flavor of Love and all spinoffs! Respect the ManBearPig! Mike Vick, you fucked up... but this is bigger than you, homie. Much like "The War on Drugs" the public assault on dogfighting is really nothing more than another war on poor, black people. We assorted coloreds once again catch a 15-yard penalty for our ignorance while Peyton Manning gets a trophy for shooting Bambi's mom in the face. Nice. The Golden Boy won't get a penny shaved off of one of his endorsement deals. P is still gonna be live-birthed from a football during the commercial breaks while Michael Vick gets to re-enact "The Longest Yard." What a country!


Bird said...

I can't agree with you on this one Ron. The law is the law. What can I say. Even with that an argument can be made for the fact that there is a vast differance between hunting wild game and abusing domesticated animals.

There is a challenge to hunting as wild animals are better equipped to give you a run for your money. Dogs and cats tend to trust and rely on their masters.

I don't think we need to be wasting a race card on Mike. He knew what he was doing was wrong and illegal and he'll make out alright in the long run anyway.

B said...


What the deal fam?!!! Glad to see ya back up in the building.

True hating has returned in all of it's satirical glory!!!

Holla at ya boy!!!!

c b w

*Future* said...

Yeah Mike Vick a dumb asshole he deserve whatever comes to him.

Yung Ether said...

another case of broke niggaz wit money...smh!!

SEOhNO said...

The hate is back!!!

Good to read your mind again Senor Mexico!!

Looks like an extended hiatus cannot stop the hater juices from flowing...good.

Anonymous said...




luv1 said...


Sahara said...

Once again. Nail on the head! The hypocrisy of hunting laws plus the amount of coverage this story gets, made me pull my race card out a long time.

mackmittens said...

i totally agree with you look at the case of lindsey lohan spends an hour in jail for violating the law three times i thought that was life in cali, and they jump on Marbury just for speaking his opinion, he had to back off.

ONE said...

"The law is the law"

"wild animals are better equipped to give you a run for your money".....You dont think these pitbulls are 'equiped'. why do u think they have to kill them when they take them away from you?

There is a diference between animal cruelty and dogfighting. Dogfighting is as much of a sport as Ultimate fighting. On the other hand, hunting is recreational killing of animals. A lotta people think Bullfighting is such a beautiful 'sport', but 2 dogs fighting is horrible? Ive seen dogfights since I can remember, it is a lil fucked up, but theres a lotta other legal activities that are more fucked up than that.

Im all for Bird hunting tho.ONE

riprockin said...

amen somebody needs to say this up a little louder because those crackers on are having a hayday killing Barry Bonds and Michael Vick like they have ruined sacred "american" institutions. When white people run media, when they are the owner, commissioner and the fan base that NFL - MLB - NBA will bend over backwards for ... there ain't no hope for any type of justice or equality.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Bird...I respect ur opinion and usually agree with your view but this time Ron hit the nail on the head (as usual). And "One" explained it perfectly. Although I'm not a Vick fan and he could've definitely used better judgement...this is "bigger than him" so I have to put my card on my forehead for this one....

Anonymous said...

This is bigger than Mike Vick, now theyre after DMX. It is nothing more than an attack on black men with money and power (if not both). We can sit up here and argue all day about dog fighting being horrible but you mean to tell me shooting a bird who may be on its way back to feed its young is any better or slaughtering cows and shooting them in the head for that juicy burger youre about to eat? No it is not. This thing has been blown way out of proportion. If youre going to get one, you mind as well get all.

Bird said...

I think dog fighting is in the spotlight because of Mike, but I doubt he is the first person in history to be prosecuted because of it. My brother did a story on dog fighting in one of the hip hop mags a few years ago based largely on the fact that DMX was putting pit bulls in the spotlight. The article was very difficult to right due to the secrecy surrounding the "sport."

We are all entitled to our own opinions, but the fact remains that if you break the law and get caught you are going down and if you can't charge that to the game and take it like a man then you shouldn't be doing it. With that being said, I think DMX is being targeted because of the Mike Vick situation and I think Mike is taking it like a man and I hope he can recover from this.

Anza Borrego Spirit said...

Fully agreed, man. Double standards at their "finest". One sport gets praised on ESPN, the other gets villified, filling "local news channels" with scenes of black people in "ghettos" fighting dogs. (What? There's a white trash meth lab doing the same thing down the street? Uhhhhh... oh look, Britney Spears is showing the vajayjay again!)

This whole thing reminds me of that scene in "Bowling for Columbine" where they compare the "Africanized" bees to the "normal, European" bees. Anyone else see that? Fuckin' ridiculous.

I salute all you card carrying ladies and gents out there.

- Your friendly, neighborhood cracker

Pretty_Dreamer said...

Glad to see you back in action Ron. I missed the hate. And I'm real glad to see you bumping "Luchini" and "Coolie High". I thought it was just me living in '95 still! Anyhow, onto this Vick character... Apparently, this is nothing more than a situation of "They shoulda never gave you niggas money". Vick, much like Michael Jackson, thought he was invincible and that his money and contract insulated him. To paraphrase Katt Williams, "he forgot he was a nigga". The same folks who built his overrated ass up are the same ones tearing him down. He should've known better... that he was a nigga, and that there are rules to the game.

Just so that I'm clear, animal life is more precious that human life, right? And dogs are a protected fuckin species, but quails, deers, foxes and everything else is open game, right? You know we gotta ask b/c "they" like to change the rules on us when we get comfortable with me.

P.S. My race card is in my purse, but I keep a spare in my desk at all times. Can't get caught off guard!

Ron Mexico said...


no doubt.

dogs = beloved in this country

negroes = not so much

Deanna said...

I agree. This is bigger than Vick. And from what I keep hearing, Vick would have ended up in jail for something eventually because he is a fuck-up.

And to add something here: Vick was making a lot of damn money. All that money gives a person access to a ton of things in the world that normal check-to-check folks wouldn't even think of. And a black man with that much access who's not "shuckin' and jivin'" is a threat to white america. They are fearful. And so the first real chance they saw to take him out, they went after him. Plus with his boys coppin' pleas left and right, tellin' on him and thangs, he had no choice but to plead guilty really.

And you guys have to admit, he did man-up in his speech. He admitted he is and has been VERY immature in his actions, more than just this.

I agree with what Vick said in his speech, jail will do him some good. Give him some appreciation for what he had in his hands. I don't know if he can fully redeem himself like he said, but jail is definitely going to slap some reality into his ass real fuckin' quick.

Just like an alcoholic, he had to hit bottom before he realized his mistakes and wrongdoing. Oh well.

Ron Mexico said...


this is definitely "rock bottom," but far from the first opportunity to take this guy down. he's been a shithead for a long time. it's catching up to him pretty late in the game.

i just think the snare they used to get him is all kinds of fucked up.