Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Common feat. Lily Allen - "Drivin' Me Wild" video

Single #3 from the hardest (and best) Common album since "One Day..." is the not-so-hard "Drivin' Me Wild" featuring white girl du jour Lily Allen. Actually, Amy Winehouse missed the session because she sniffed her body weight in coke that morning. --Yep. A whole $50 bag. For this to be another one of Common's "wise rapper with foresight into your life" tracks, the wraparound sure is suspect, wouldn't you say? I mean. The nigga lookin like A Pimp Named Kojak in a fucking tuxedo (white, no less)... then you got the confused-looking white girl in a Vegas wedding dress and filthy boots in the middle of the ghetto. For some reason I don't think they's gettin married in a streetcorner ceremony. Don't act like we don't know what this is, Mr. Conscious Rapper Man. Com Sense is getting over that Badu-izm with a little bit of reparation. Lauren "New-New" London could probably fleece Corey Maggette like that in real life. I know she could probably work her way into half my guap... like she wrote half my blogs... How did the vanilla head-wop artist get a spacesuit and doorknockers? Shit, the $10 Store is getting ridiculous these days. I love how my man Michael said Jeremy Piven looks harder than Common in this video. Oh, truth be told, Mike. If anyone was playing Omar at that party... Can you imagine Ari with a hoodie and a 12-guage? Strangely enough, I can.
They were playing the fuckin' Bobcats!
"Finding Forever" is a strong LP, definitely my favorite Common jawn in a long time. This is really one of the few tracks I'd skip, but the video was just too strange to pass up. Plus I'm sure you all have plenty to say about the man who's supposed to embody everything "right" with rap... Even though he looked like he was about to slap his bottom bitch's head off for being short with that scratch.


ChingDiva said...


I skip this song, and the video was just too weird for me, despite Common's fine ass.

Lowedwn said...

Feeling the video and really dig the song. Finding Forever is basically on permanent rotation along w/ UGK until that Wesern Kenya album drops.

And please believe Ari would fuck some shit up, w/ Lloyd as his Mongolian taxi driver/lover, lmmfao.

Good to see you back in the house Mr. Mexcio.

*Future* said...

Finding Forever is in the car right now!
I cant really listen to this song though cuz of that fuckin test signal noise she's making.


Bird said...

Concious as he is sounding in the song it looks like the industry execs played him out on this video with the multiple expensive celebrity guests whose paychecks will flow straight from his pocket.

I'm feeling the lyrics, but not the song which is not a good look despite the comedy of the "astronaut lady". Call me crazy, but I'd prefer a dope beat and flow over great lyrics anyday. That's just me.

Sahara said...

I played it a couple of times, saw the video once and I'm already over it. Its one of the weaker songs on a otherwise great album.

Pretty_Dreamer said...

Ari is the Omar of that moment. "U, Black Maybe" would've made a better video.

Deanna said...

Ari is the greatest. He's the main reason I even watch Entourage. Him and Lloyd.

Ron Mexico said...

he is the ONLY reason i'd EVER watch an episode of that show.

well... his wife too.