Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ron Mexico City: The Lost Hate - "Saaphyri's Lip Chap"

All the flavors of her love give you diabetes. This is definitely what Mo'nique was talking about in "Charm School." Go out there and be somebody! "Want some lip chap... on your African soupbone?" Damn, Kennedy. How far we've fallen from MTV Spring Break. I thought that $50,000 was gonna change her life. Didn't she say she wasn't gonna have to do this kind of shit anymore? I guess that money was just enough to buy her freedom back from Goldie Mack. The rest obviously went to a bag of cush, a tub of bees wax, some Kool-Aid packets, "good" socks and booty shorts. Diggin' the socks, though. *head exploding* Ingredients: chicken grease, red kool-aid, beeswax, man mustard, hot sauce The shit's all-natural, bro. P.S.: Red Grant will appear in your baby shower video for a plate.

1 comment:

American Refugee said...

I know somebody gonna get they ass beat over this shit right herr! OMG! This bitch is really about that lip chap! Well, at least it's not tampons or homemade aspirin.