Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Wire Season 5: "The Miseducation of Marlo Stanfield"

We tried to school him back in the day. Ain't easy civilizing this motherfucker. As we already know, Marlo represents the worst kind of gangster. The scourge of the black community is not the drug dealer in and of himself, but the dope man that lacks code. I'm starting to believe the second greatest danger to be the dope man that doesn't know what to do with his money. Who in their right mind would trust a monster like Marlo Stanfield with valuable information such as what to do with millions of not-yet-manicured street bills? Marlo is a foreign account away from being Idi Amin. Why empower him when he has long since made clear at co-op meetings that he has no intention on cooperating. A nigga almost said "co-opping." On the one hand, I understand Prop Joe wants to put lipstick and a wig on his chocolate monkey, but some of them curious little motherfuckers best be left in the banana tree. Leave a nigga like that in the Congo. Working a line to Vondas has served as real-life application/education regarding the importance of clean bills. It looks like Michael is about to be on serious time out for his little Six Flags excursion. It's a shame though. I know what I'd want to do if I were 14 years old with a grip of cash in my pocket... in Baltimore. I'd be at Six Flags baggin up some white girls too. Nice dolphin, nigga. They'll leave you in an abandoned building with that shit too. Much like Marlo's bodies, Jimmy's Bumfight victims are in the wrong zip code. No one's going to care until some clever ass police makes the media connection. Jimmy must not realize what they do to police in prison. Cool Lester Smooth doesn't seem to care. They both raise a valid point. McNulty and Freamon are smarter than the rest of homicide, narcotics and Major Crimes put together. Which of those humps would catch them besides Bunk? LMAO @ Stan Valchek trying to weasel his way into the acting commander. After upping the Omar bounty to 50 large, they didn't need to find "his sister, his mee-ma. Some fag he be wit'." Cheese's old ignorant ass was blinded by the cheese. Just because Norman Wilson-Querns is who he is, he gets quote of the episode honors. "Even on an acting basis, can you imagine Norrice and the ministers dealing with Commissioner Valchek?" No. No, I cannot. Luckily for him, leaking the actual plan to the top of the Baltmore Sun's editorial brass is as easy as buying your old newspaper buddy a taste at your favorite public house. These ins and outs are really starting to show themselves. P.S.: Ashy Larry & Clay Davis are going to prison unless Glynn Turman can come up with something.


Nola Darling/Pretty Dreamer said...

Ashy Larry was like "Nigga, FOCUS!!!"

What about Omar on the beach with his bitch?

I've never seen Omar have the same bitch for two seasons before.

And when are we going to get to poor bubs?

I "seent" the next episode already...

Ron Mexico said...

they done went and disrupted omar's perfect little fairytale. he's going to be beyond brief with marlo and his people. there won't be no discussion.

it's true. omar went through bitches as often as mcnulty. renaldo must got that good pipe at home.

he was out there speakin his weak-ass spanish with these knotty-headed puerto rican kids...

man. this is gonna be some shit.

c b w said...

Well it's about damn time for some pertinent killin on The Wire. For a split second I was hoping that Marlo and Omar were in the same place like McNulty and the reporter.

I would have to say the quote of the episode was Ashy Larry's "Nigga, FOCUS!"

Ron Mexico said...

"we goin to jail. did you hear me? focus, motherfucker! focus!"

Lowedwn said...

I done seent the next episode too...and Marlo is a cold ass piece of work, Slim Charles got lucky as all hell...and I swear Clay Davis sheeeeeeeit himself. The next episode's preview though...damn...DAMN

Marlo, gotta be crazy as ape shit for kicking the sleeping pitbull that is Omar. I wonder him and Avon will convo on that, u think about it Omar is damn near directly responsible for the fall of the Barksdale orginization from , Stinkum to the Weebay shootout, to Brother Muzone and Stringer.

Lester co-signing McNulty's shit threw me for a mjor loop. But, Ron you do have a very valid point, who the fuck really is asmarter than those two?

Oh yeah, Carver's the man. From " do not get to win shit-birds..." to where he is now, he gets mad props.

Pretty Dreamer/Nola Darling said...

Carver really steps his game up. I'm damn near proud. He's came a long way.

I found a spot online with episodes. Not all - just a few. Only one worked for me consistantly (not timing out), and boy oh boy. Mc Nulty is truly a son of a bitch.

And yep, Slim Charles got lucky... but not everyone else... And how long does luck exactly stay around in B-more?