Saturday, January 19, 2008

Celebrity Rehab... Anyone Seen This Shit?

This is some seriously insane shit. I never thought I'd be watching an entire cast of "The Surreal Life" going through withdrawal all at once. We already have a bona fide SL alum in Brigitte "Gita" Nielsen, and I sure hope we see Flavor Flav on season 2. I get this strange image of Sylvester Stallone watching this program and, in the Rocky Balboa voice, lamenting "this lady's a damn mess." Fortunately, according to reports, Daniel Baldwin has already gotten his life back on track. Following in brother Alec's footsteps, he is slated to star in the highly-anticipated late-night sitcom "30 Rocks." I don't see this series keeping you past episode 3 or 4, but I recommend catching a rerun of episodes 1 or 2 before the junk is all said and done. The black girl whose name I don't care to knwo needs to stick with the weed. I think among its medicinal purposes is relief of enlarged forehead and they shouldn't be trying to deprive her of that. I take no pleasure in making fun of people who are earnestly and wholeheartedly trying to get their lives together. It is a wonderful thing to know that these people are in rehab. While I'm not naive enough to believe that the d-listers sitting here dramatizing (and in some cases exploiting) their situations are going to magically and instantaneously find closure for their addictions, it's good to see this step in the right direction. In an era where we are more often watching these people indulge in the demons that are drugs and alcohol, it's refreshing to observe these otherwise spoiled, lost souls undo some of the damage and take steps toward healing. The only funny shit I noticed watching this show is that Brigette Nielsen is actually bigger than Chyna.


Bird said...

I gave it the old college try and I can't watch this show. It is boring as hell and the one dude from Taxi who was also on Celebrity Fit Club is downright depressing. It is a mondern day miracle that he is still alive. I know Judy Winslow (the black girl whose name I also don't know) is happy a reality show has been made that she could do, but who needs rehab to quit smoking the chronic? "My friend" is way older and had been smoking since she was 13 on a daily basis, but when she knew a pee pee test was a month away she had no problem stopping cold turkey.

Anyway, this show is corny and I'm only intested to see who will walk out before it's all over.

Ron Mexico said...

oh, shit! that was judy winslow?!

she gets NO shine! ZERO!

and damn, they use the term "celebrity" as loosely as judy's porn-stretched vagine.

"you in here for weed?! boo this bitch!"

Deanna said...

Yeah, that's Judy Winslow, who went on to have a short porn career. I've NEVER heard of anyone going to rehab for weed. I never thought that was necessary. Everybody I know who smokes weed knows how to separate their professional life from their personal life, but I guess you learn something new everyday.

And I agree, I don't see how this show is going to hold anyone's attention passed the first couple episodes...but then again VH1 felt there is enough demand to create a "Flavor of Love 3", so who the hell knows.

Sahara said...

"you in here for weed?! boo this bitch!

Lol, Same thing I said. I gave the 1st episode a spin and I actually enjoyed. I guess "enjoyed" maybe the wrong word. Some of it was depressing. But it was refreshing for VH1's corny-ass do something "real" and helpful for these junkee has-beens besides expliotating them. How about a blog or two over the first couple of episodes? Watcha say?? Im definitely interested in how this turns out. I found it hillarious that Chyna supposedly didn't know why she was there. I guess the rules of WWF wouldn't allow her to admit she's been throwing back pills and booze daily since "the operation".

chaori said...

It probably doesn't count, but the only time I ever heard of rehab for weed was in Friday. lol

Lowedwn said...

yeah i think enjoyed would be an oversattement but for the moment this show does have my interest. Man...these peeps are a fucking mess, did dude form Crazytown seriously whip out the crack pipe like it was "That Shit"? Damn

Ron Mexico said...

bling bling keep crackpipe hidden inside his COLARRRRRRRR!

don't ask me how i know that.