Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Fuck A Christmas!

Happy Kwanzaa, everyone! Harrrrrrumbeeeyyy! This Kwanzaa we're getting The City all good and lined up for 2008: Year of the Hate! I chose that name because it rhymes. Thank you, Robin. Your long-overdue Boondocks blogs are finally on the way. As are brand new music video posts. We's even gonna have podcasts and a store! What are we gonna sell? Hmmmm. You wonder. BOY, STOP! We still got that hot sauce.


Sahara said...

Harambi! lol, Its gonna be good to see you tear into them videos! Can't wait for o8!

c b w said...

Hell yeah!!! A podcast!!!!! Hating in stereo!!!!! 200hate here we come!!!!

Mike Crown said...

200hate does sound like it's gonna be one for the ages and beyond. Quick question, are we gettin some Mexican Awards for 07?